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We have been designing and creating gloves and accessories for a long time.

Since 1994 to be exact.  Different styles.  Different colors.  For different people.  And we were good at it.  Business was good.  And yet somehow, there was always something missing.  Something that kept us from feeling good about what we were doing.  
And then BRUME came to us.  A liberating and eye opening idea that changed everything for us.
We no longer have to be confined to what others think we should or shouldn’t do.  History no longer needs to dictate what we want to do or where we want to go.  BRUME helps us look at things from a different perspective.  It drives us forward into unchartered territories and to try new things.
What it really means is that BRUME pushes us to get out of our comfort zone.  It made us go back to ‘’school’’ and question all that we know or thought we knew.  And it opened the door (and our eyes) for us to work with people that normally we would have never thought of working with.
A simple question we asked ourselves is:  Why are we doing this?  The answer came surprisingly quickly and naturally to us:  We do this because we love winter!
We love everything about it.  The whiteness of snow.  The way that first snow covers everything in a white and immaculate coat.  How that snow shines its diamond studded coat under a beautiful sunny winter’s day.  We love that each snowflake is a work of art.  How each one is different and unique.  And who doesn’t love to see their breaths in the cold of winter?
And because we’re good at making accessories, we absolutely love making winter accessories.  Different ones.  And in very different ways.
So, for us, it’s kind of cool to know what we’re about.  And for you… well, we think this is contagious.  We’ll make you love winter too!