Thermal Insulation

Gloves, mitts and hats are meant to protect you against the cold. And if they look good, that’s a huge plus. But really, warmth is the most important aspect of wearing these winter companions.

All gloves and mitts are constructed with an outer-shell, a lining and an insulation in between:

The outer-shell can be leather and/or material.

The lining can be either a noble material such as cashmere, wool or silk or can be polyester based with various technical aspects: brushed tricot, micro-terry, boa, sherpa, plush or TR.

The insulation we use is Thinsulate® on most of our collection. We use Thermolite® Eco down-like for our recycled program of mitts.

On certain styles, we use Fan-tex®, which is a protective inner membrane which is a windproof, waterproof and breathable interlining. It goes in between the outer-shell and the insulation.

And since there are different levels of cold in Canada, we have created different levels of warmth factors through thickness (layers) of insulation:

Light Insulation

0 to 75 grams

Warm Insulation

100 grams

Warmer Insulation

200 grams

Warmest Insulation

200 grams + Fan-tex®

For Hats

It’s all in the layering also, so:

Light: Thinner material
Warm: Single layer of thicker material
Warmer: Double layer of thicker material

Enjoy winter!